The Greatest Netflix Hacks

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Thursday, 01 March 2018

The greatest Netflix hacks:

Netflix is undoubtedly the largest streaming service around. Their budget is around 6 billion as opposed to their biggest competitors whose highest budget is 2 billion. This is why some people are making good arguments for Netflix that the streaming service is busy becoming a monopoly.

You can Download Netflix for later:

A great aspect of technology today, is that you can download content for later viewing. Netflix added this feature in 2016. This hack is especially handy when you have to wait for a flight or perhaps you have to wait somewhere else- making it a great option to be able to save content on your laptop for later viewing. The Netflix mobile app is a good way to do this, even though it is not always the best experience when you view content on your phone. Another great factor with this is that you do not need to have an internet connection once the content is downloaded.

How to stay updated:

Netflix adds new content at the beginning and middle of each month. They also take some of their titles away, so make sure that the movie or content you want to watch will still be available after a while. There are also pages like Culture Trip that you can like that keep you up to date with the latest content on Netflix.

You can watch Netflix with your friends and family:

Have you ever heard of the sites Rabbit and Showgoers? Well, you can use these sites to watch content in one window while discussing what you’ve watched on video chat and messages. This means- you do not even have to be in the same country to watch movies together.      

How to switch up your subtitles:

If you want to jazz up your subtitles by changing the size, font, color, etc. you go to “Your Account,” “Your Profile” and click on “Subtitle Appearance.” This is an entertaining way to watch those foreign films you’ve always wanted to.

How to claim back your own: control of your account

If you ever want to have the peace of mind of ensuring your account stays private, you can get rid of all the logins to your account by going to “Your Account” and selecting “sign out of all devices.” In addition, it will also be wise to change your account password.

How to decide what to watch on Netflix:

One thing that makes Netflix tricky, is the fact that they have 76 000 subgenres. You can simplify the search process for yourself by visiting the site Netflix Streaming by Alternate Genres. They give you certain codes to make your search more code specific.

How to be adventurous in the pick of your movie:

Are you feeling a bit playful with the selection of your movie? Feel free to take a spin and try Flix Roulette for a funky and fresh way to help you choose a movie.  

How to prevent buffering:

Buffering is seriously one of our biggest first world problems. If you want to access advanced streaming options on your computer, press control +shift +opt/alt +S if you want to access advanced streaming options. You should only access this once all other options have been exhausted.

The Llama hopes you found this information useful. Feel free to add a comment about your greatest Netflix hacks.