“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar” Review

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Thursday, 01 March 2018

To say that the new Pirates of the Caribbean installment was a disappointment, is an understatement. I agree with The New York Times when they say: “Its pleasures are so meager, its delight in its own inventions so forced and false, that it becomes almost the perfect opposite of entertainment.”  

Pirates Of The Caribbean

It was really one of the worst movies I have ever watched and definitely the worst Pirates of the Caribbean installment. The graphics were truly horrible and obvious. There was a part of me that thought a bit about Power Rangers as I watched the scenes before me. The sunk cost fallacy (you do not want to walk out of the movie because you already paid for it) makes you feel even more powerless as you think you have to endure the torture or lose your hard earned money to an even greater extent by walking out. The movie is almost devoid of the previous charms of some of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The one scene that was really etched into my memory was a scene with a guillotine- which I guessed had the desired effect of creating a nail biting moment, but everything is pretty much downhill from there. The characters embark on a journey to find Poseidon’s trident. It is a long, masochistic journey that makes the following pop into mind: “Make it stop! Make it go away!”

Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), known as the butcher of the sea, escapes from the Devil’s Triangle to hunt down the mischievous Jack Sparrow. Jack is on a quest to find Poseidon’s trident while being chased by Salazar and his crew of ghouls. Before Salazar and Jack, the movie reveals that Galileo was also once in pursuit of the trident.

The entire Pirates of the Caribbean movie lets me think of the bank heist at the beginning of the movie- where an entire bank is dragged around by two horses. Firstly, it is unthinkable as it isn’t scientifically possible and lastly- this Pirates of the Caribbean movie did exactly that: moviegoers did not get what most of them paid for. I would recommend that people rather spend their time with a loved one.